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The state of California has gone through great lengths to make it convenient and affordable for their residents to make the switch to more energy-efficient options for their homes. With a set of standards to follow, residents can easily rate the efficiency of their HVAC system through HERS testing for HVAC, including HERS duct testing and a full HERS inspection by qualified HERS raters. Even when individuals get professional HVAC installation, a HERS test for HVAC is still an essential part of the process to ensure everything was installed correctly.


The HERS Test

HERS testing is completed by our qualified professionals to gauge the overall efficiency of your system. It’s about more than just how well your HVAC system uses energy. It’s also about how much energy is lost in the process, such as in air ducts. When we complete our HERS test, we will provide you with a HERS rating that will tell you everything you need to know about how energy efficient your system is and where it can be improved.


Experienced HERS Raters

At Blu Energy Pro, all of our HERS raters are professionally trained and can provide the HERS test you need. Our raters will take a close look at your ductwork and ensure there are no leaks that could lead to wasted energy. If any improvements are needed, we’ll let you know so you can find the right contractor to properly seal your ducts and save energy and money.

Inspections for Homeowners

Blue Energy Pro is here to simplify the HERS Process for You!

HERS Inspections for Homeowners

Our certified Home Energy inspectors perform all of the testing you need after the installation of a new furnace, air conditioner or ductwork & provide you with the compliance paperwork required to sign off on your city permit! We make the process easy. Just give us a call and we will get everything taken care of for you.
Our energy auditing experts will schedule and discuss the energy needs of your home, and then write the necessary prescriptions for your home in order to qualify for eligible rebates through Bay Ren, PG&E or Waste Berkeley programs. We will also help pull any required permits if needed. Energy Blu Pro is independent from the contractors who will be involved in any construction, replacement, or repair to your home. After the contracted work has been completed our team will verify the work was done properly by the contractor.
Steps we take

How do we complete your energy inspection?

Our Step by Step Process!

1. Our certified HERS Rater will arrive at your home in uniform with shoe covers on his shoes and a business card in hand.

2. The process will be explained to you in its entirety and if you have any questions, our rater will be happy to answer them for you.

3. We will need access to most every part of your home during the test, each vent that supplies air as well as the furnace, air conditioner and ductwork.

4. Our rater will perform all required HERS testing and inform you of the final test results before leaving.

5. After our rater has completed the test, our office staff will complete all of the necessary HERS Compliance paperwork and submit it directly to you via email.

And that’s it! When you are ready to schedule your city inspection, make sure to have a copy of the HERS Compliance paperwork to provide to the city/county inspector.

If you’re interested in a HERS inspection, contact us today to schedule your appointment.