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Today’s consumers are more energy conscious, not only to save money on the cost of keeping their homes comfortable but also in the interest of protecting the environment for future generations. At Blu Energy Pro, we proudly offer the green energy compliance testing and certification and home energy audits required to give homeowners peace of mind and to ensure construction professionals and builders are staying on top of the changing trends. We provide HERS compliance testing, Title 24 verification and a variety of rebates to help individuals get the healthy home they deserve.


Home Energy Score Assessment

HERS testing and Third Party verification is performed by our certified energy team to ensure the safety of your home by meeting the Title 24 energy code compliant standards.

Commercial HERS Testing

If you have a commercial project we are here to help you get your jobs completed on time. Get a hold of our team in order to get a customized quote. Price break for volume.

Contractors and Builders

As a builder or contractor, you need to do everything you can to ensure your clients get a structure that meets or exceeds current standards.
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Reliable HERS Compliance Testing

One of the most important aspects of energy conservation is the HVAC HERS rating. Energy performance is a key factor in ensuring homes are up to code and provide homeowners with the energy and cash savings they want. Our team specializes in this compliance testing and provides you with your HVAC HERS rating to give you a better understanding of how well your home conserves energy. With the right rating, you can qualify for a number of rebates, including the BayREN rebate program, PG&E rebates, Energy Star rebates and SMUD rebates. Our professionals can help you determine which rebates you qualify for.
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Title 24 Compliance

Another important service we offer is Title 24 verifications. This is an important building code for construction professionals to ensure any property they construct meets the strict California guidelines for energy efficiency. Our team fully understands this law and what it means for builders, ensuring all of your projects meet Title 24 compliance requirements. From installing photovoltaic cells for solar energy to using the best building materials to keep homes comfortable throughout the year without wasting too much energy, our team is standing by to help you determine if the home you’re building will pass the building inspection in terms of energy efficiency.

Title 24 Compliance

A Variety of Rebate Programs

In addition to providing HERS compliance testing and Title 24 verifications, we work hard to help our customers find the energy efficiency rebate programs for which they qualify. For instance, those who live in the Bay Area may qualify for the BayREN rebate program if they use a builder who is participating in the program. PG&E customers can also qualify for the PG&E rebates when installing qualifying appliances in their homes, as with Energy Star rebates for choosing appliances that meet the Energy Star standards. SMUD rebates are also available for those who upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances for their homes.

California has taken great strides in reducing unnecessary energy use and helping their residents save money. Although it may seem costly upfront when replacing older, less efficient appliances or installing solar panels for a home, the rebates and other benefits will pay off in the long run. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping homeowners and building contractors create the energy-efficient homes needed to protect the environment and reduce costs. With HERS compliance testing and Title 24 verification, we’re taking the necessary steps to do our part for the environment and helping you do yours!

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