What is the process of your Home Energy Audit

Complete Whole Home Assessment

Our home energy audit starts with a whole home assessment. Our BPI Building Analyst will perform a thorough assessment of your home’s energy use inside and outside. We will look at everything in your home that could be a potential waste of energy. Our Assessment includes a 12 month analysis of your PG&E bills as well as:
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Water Heater
  • Insulation (wall, floor and attic)
  • Appliances
  • Windows
  • Lighting
  • Crawlspace and Attic
  • Exterior of Home
  • Combustion testing

Advanced Home Energy Tests

After we perform the full inspection of your home, we will continue your energy audit with our advanced home energy testing. This is a way to really fine tune the results of your home energy audit and tell us even more about energy loss in your home. We will perform the following tests:
  • Air Infiltration Blower Door Test – this test will show us the exact points of air leakage within the envelope of your home, we will walk you through the entire process giving you examples of air loss and items that can be fixed
  • Duct Leakage Testing – this test will tell us how much of your conditioned air is leaking out of your duct system into your attic or crawlspace
  • Thermographic test