HERS Testing for Builders and Contractors

Rebate Programs, energy Codes, and new legislation now require third-party energy verification’s. We provide Third Party verification’s for Solar companies, HVAC, builders, and other industry professionals who require a Hers Rater or Building Analyst. We manage the entire process making it easier for our California contractors & Builders by taking care of the permitting, verification, and documentation processes needed for Title 24 or Hers Test.
Staying up to date with state standards for energy efficiency can be tedious and challenging. Blu Energy Pro provides unparalleled service at fair pricing for HERS tests or Title 24 verification. Acting as an extension of your business, we save you time and money by pulling permits, completing inspections and verification. We file rebate applications and all state-required documentation.

Value for Builders & Contractors
Blu Energy Pro’s team of specialists is composed of experts in energy efficiency, sustainable construction standards, state energy policies, and building performance: ready to put our skills to work for you. Benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Support & training We provide hands-on training at no additional cost for all of our clients to make it easier for your team to understand and comply with energy efficiency standards and practices.
  • Technical Procedures Our certified Hers Raters, BPI professionals have gone through extensive training and are fully insured. We strive to ensure promptness and excellence.
  • Streamlined Process Once you request our services, we take it from there. We manage all phases of the verification process so you can get back to mission-critical tasks and manage your business.
  • Cost Management Solutions Energy efficiency should not be cost prohibitive. We work with clients to develop flexible design strategies that meet the guideline of Title 24.

The Most Efficient Testing Methods

We help builders and contractors use the most efficient, up-to-date testing methods to ensure every structure they work on meets or exceeds current energy efficiency standards. We use thermography, blower door testing, duct leakage detection, and much more to ensure all buildings are as energy-efficient as possible. You will work with an experienced HERS rater who knows what to look for and how to test for the most common energy leak points, making us the smart choice for even advanced energy audits.


Blu Energy Pro is proud to support contractors and builders by providing single-source Hers and Title 24 code. Helping clients meet their customers’ needs, we pull permits, conduct HERS inspections, and register all documents required for code compliance.

To request information for Blue Energy Pro services, call 925-230-0984 today.

Builders and Contractors
Are you a builder? You could qualify for the 45L Tax credit, our certified Hers raters will walk you through the steps on how to register and submit the proper paperwork in order to qualify for the $2,000 dollar tax credit. We will provide you with the certificates you need for your records.

Steps to get the process started.

1. Register here https://www.cheers.org/45l-tax-credit
2. Login and provide the information needed to get started.
3. ADD Blu Energy pro as the Certified Rater
4. 45L tax credit service fee to produce the 45 L certificate.
5. 300-500 per location, depending on the complexity of the project.

After this has been completed our team will reach out to you if we are missing anything and will take care of the rest for you.
You may also qualify for projects already completed if you didn’t already get a tax credit for them.

Need BPI Analyst on your multifamily projects?

  • Blu Energy Pro, is a certified Building Analyst, and we have the proper insurance to cover your project.
  • Please call to let us know the details of your project.
  • Please add and BPI certified to Experienced Hers Raters


Are you registered in the Bayren Registry in order to qualify for the up to $5000.00 rebates? We work with GC Contractors, and Hvac contractors by providing all of the Hers testing & verifications needed to be in compliance with the state of California.

We also can take care of all of the permits needed with the projects that require a Hers rater.

Last step, register your project here and add Blu Energy pro as your rater.