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Energy Efficiency Is Our Goal

At Go Blu Pro, we are dedicated to providing homeowners, business owners, builders, and contractors with the residential and commercial HERS testing they need. We understand the importance of energy-efficient structures to protect the environment and help property owners save money on their utility bills. The state of California issued Title 24 restrictions designed to ensure every new building project meets specific standards. Our team consists of certified HERS raters to inspect your property to help with even the most advanced energy audits, helping you save money and ensure your building is up to code.
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Commercial and Residential Services

Our team of HERS raters can work with residential and commercial projects, with new construction and renovations, to bring every building up to the latest standards set by the state. We use the latest technology to perform thermography testing, door blower testing, and more to give you the most accurate results and recommend the most appropriate solutions for energy loss. It’s our goal to ensure your structure is as energy-efficient as possible, helping you save money and ensuring any future energy audits produce positive results.


Experienced Professionals

We have more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, giving us a firm understanding of construction to ensure every project is energy-efficient. Our raters are HERS 1 and HERS 2 certified and carry certification in BPI, thermography, and solar, giving our clients the high level of service they require. Our team is qualified to issue 45L certificates and ensure every client gets the rebates they deserve when installing energy-efficient appliances and other features for their homes or businesses. It’s our goal to ensure you get the service you need to reduce your impact on the environment and save money in the process.

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Why choose Blu Energy Pro?

Our certified auditing specialists care about the wellbeing of your home to better protect your family, by providing you with the recommendations on how to have a healthy home, along with substantial yearly energy savings.

DId you know that most homes spend an average of $2000 per year on heating and electric bills? Having an energy audit could put up to 30% of that money back into your pocket, and most importantly help prevent avoidable disasters.

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